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HoopsAI is a technology company that provides personalized insights to retail investors in the stock market through its cutting-edge platform. The platform leverages large language models (LLMs) to generate real-time, tailored trading ideas based on fundamental, technical and social sentiment analysis for a wide range of assets including stocks, currencies and cryptocurrencies. HoopsAI's AI-driven trading ideas are unique to each individual investor as it understands their needs and comes up with custom-made suggestions just for them. The platform also allows investors to monitor their investing ideas since they first had them, learn from them and understand markets better by evolving as an investor.

- Sign up for free on HoopsAI's beta version
- Unlock the power of AI-generated real-time trading ideas tailored specifically for you
- Explore a wide range of assets including stocks, currencies and cryptocurrencies
- Monitor your investing portfolio with our advanced AI system
- Supercharge your portfolio with our AI-powered asset recommendations strategies
- Look beyond household names like Tesla or Apple; find new opportunities over any asset you can think of

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