Stripe Your GPTs

Instantly monetize your custom GPT with Stripe.


Stripe Your GPTs is a tool that allows you to monetize your GPT idea by using a simple one-click, no-code template. With video tutorials and guided step-by-step blog posts, you can learn how to build and monetize your GPT easily. The key insight is that currently there is no way for users to generate custom verifiable Stripe payment links for their users of the GPTs, but with this tool, it's now possible. You can securely get user session information for payments without storing or passing user data insecurely. Once payment is done through Stripe Your GPTS, you can send paid content or information only available to paid users automatically.

  • Use the simple one-click no-code template on Stripe Your GPTS
  • Learn from video tutorials and guided step-by-step blog posts
  • Generate custom verifiable Stripe payment links for every user of your GPts
  • Securely get user session info without storing or passing any data insecurely
  • Send content/information available only to paid subscribers automatically once they have made their payments
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Stripe Your GPTs
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