The all-in-one AI workspace for writers.


Strut is an all-in-one AI workspace for writers that combines the necessary tools to manage the entire writing process. The platform offers drag and drop organization, customizable stages, real-time collaboration, grid and list views of documents, inline editing with grammar checks and prompts generated by writer-designed AI. Strut's AI model uses OpenAI's GPT4 to brainstorm ideas, generate outlines or drafts based on audience goals or brand voice preferences. Users can also upload articles or web pages to adopt any brand voice across multiple projects and clients while ensuring data privacy.

  • Use Strut as an all-in-one workspace for your writing projects
  • Organize notes, drafts in flexible collaborative workspaces using drag & drop
  • Customize stages according to your own process
  • Collaborate with team members in real-time using grid/list view options

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