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Cody is a career reflection tool that helps individuals capture their career highlights, assess job satisfaction, chart their growth and fuel a fulfilling professional journey. The platform features include journaling your journey to log wins, challenges and learnings; capturing work contributions in each project with the project capture feature; tracking your career progression at a glance with the career dashboard; generating summaries of projects achievements to recall accomplishments when needed with the pulse of projects feature; keeping track of resolutions during reflections for better outcomes in your career and visualizing reflections score charts for happiness, job satisfaction, productivity and work-life balance. Cody also provides handpicked quotes to inspire energize one's professional journey while ensuring timely email reminders so that important milestones or critical learning experiences are not missed. Overall it is an encouragement towards making time for our professional growth by recording our journeys without letting single experience go to waste.

  • Start writing your Odyssey today using Cody
  • Use Cody as your partner for professional self-improvement
  • Log every achievement through Project Capture Feature
  • Keep track of all small things you did through Pulse Of Projects Feature

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