Make your interviews easy.

Description: is an AI-powered platform that offers practice interview questions from well-known companies to help candidates prepare for job interviews. The platform provides feedback and insights on the candidate's responses, offering advice to refine their approach and make them stand out as a top candidate. grades the responses at the highest caliber, ensuring detailed, in-depth feedback that helps improve performance on every part of the interview process. Users can earn experience points by answering questions daily or referring users to join the community site, which counts towards levels and puts them on a leaderboard where they can earn badges as rewards.

  • Use's database of real interview questions asked by top companies
  • Take advantage of AI-powered feedback for detailed insights into your answers
  • Earn experience points daily by answering questions or referring others
  • Level up your account with badges earned through consistent use
  • Practice company-specific questions tailored to specific industries

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