Save time when conducting interviews.


InterviewKit is an all-in-one tool for research interviews that saves up to 80% of time. The problem with interview work is the chaos and manual work without InterviewKit, where everything lives in different places, tasks like scheduling, transcription email require hours of manual work. This makes you more likely to make errors and miss information. The solution InterviewKit offers is focus & automation by bundling information together and streamlining automated tasks like scheduling, transcription email so that researchers can save hours of time and focus on their research instead. With InterviewKit shortening the time spent on interviews researchers can improve their research quality while doing more interviews in less time or even take off early from work since they have completed most of their todo's already.

- Use InterviewKit to minimize your interview workload
- Benefit from a streamlined process that automates many tedious tasks
- Save up to 80% of your usual interview preparation times
- Improve your efficiency as a researcher
- Focus on what matters: analyzing findings rather than managing administrative details

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