Level up your teams' skills with AI-driven insights.


Techwolf is an AI-driven skills intelligence platform that helps enterprises establish a resilient skill ecosystem. The platform automatically monitors employees' skills based on HR information and digital footprint they create on the work floor, identifies efficient paths for upskilling, reskilling and hiring, and provides an automatic unbiased overview of current skills to guide internal career paths and learning suggestions. Techwolf also harvests skill insights from where they can be found in files databases across the organization or demonstrated in everyday work. By leveraging labor market data to understand competitors' hiring needs, Techwolf empowers people with insight into future skills demands while monitoring dynamic skill development within the company.

  • Use Techwolf's AI-driven platform to monitor your employees’ existing capabilities, anticipate demand for future skills identify efficient paths to upskilling/reskilling/hiring.
  • Harvest employee's skill insights from their digital footprint created during everyday work.
  • Leverage labor market data provided by Techwolf’s intelligence toolset for predicting future employment trends.
  • Provide your workforce with guidance toward right internal career pathing as well as tailored learning solutions using KBC's Learning Platform

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