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Infinity is a project management tool that allows teams to store and organize all of their work in one place. With Infinity, users can create different views for various use cases, including columns, tables, calendars, Gantt charts and forms. The platform offers unlimited possibilities to structure work with clutter-free folders and subfolders that allow for an infinite structure within boards. Users can customize their entire workflow by organizing data in a variety of ways through filtering, sorting or grouping it based on attributes they choose to see or hide. Infinity provides full flexibility to create and combine attributes within items as many times as needed.

The platform also offers automation features such as reminders or recurring tasks which help build processes while reducing busywork and saving time. Additionally the AI-driven recommendations feature produces countless ideas/tasks for campaigns/experiments/processes helping boost productivity.

Users can visualize data through chart view which represents analyzed data visually allowing better understanding of company goals/strategies divided across departments so everyone knows their role in upcoming projects.

Lastly with 50+ customizable templates available - from project trackers & management templates - businesses are able to manage internal company projects more efficiently while improving business processes/growth.

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