Write meeting notes and summaries faster.


Otter is a tool that allows users to write notes and summarize meetings 30 times faster. With the ability to collaborate with teammates in live transcripts, users can add comments, highlight key points, and assign action items. Otter saves time by automating meeting notes and can be connected to Google or Microsoft calendar for automatic joining and recording of Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet meetings. Users can follow along live on the web or through iOS/Android apps while getting answers instantly from Otter teammates during a meeting via chat.

The tool generates real-time summaries during meetings so that if anyone misses any part of it they won't have to revisit entire transcripts after the session ends; this feature also helps keep everyone aligned throughout the meeting. For sales teams looking for an edge in closing deals faster than their competitors- Otterpilot extracts sales insights such as writing follow-up emails which are pushed into Salesforce.

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