Imagine a world without inboxes.


Ultra is an AI-powered email assistant that helps users manage their inbox more efficiently. It offers features such as smart summaries, to-do lists, and a clean dashboard to help users find what they need faster. Ultra's AI agents scan emails and categorize them based on various factors, allowing for easy sorting and sifting. The assistant can also extract data from emails and provide relevant information when needed. Ultra has undergone rigorous testing by Google to ensure privacy protection for its users.

  • Use Ultra's smart summaries feature to quickly view the most important details of an email without scrolling through the whole thing.
  • Let the AI-powered email assistant chat with your inbox in a whole new way by extracting data from hundreds of emails instantly.
  • Take advantage of Ultra's ability to identify action items within an email so you can focus on what needs attention first.
  • Keep track of your schedule with ease using the clean dashboard that provides a handy way of seeing your calendar at a glance.
  • Trust in Ultra's security measures since it has been approved by Google after undergoing rigorous testing processes.

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