The end-to-end AI automations platform.


VectorShift is an end-to-end AI automations platform that provides a framework of no-code, low-code, and out-of-the-box generative AI solutions to build chatbots, assistants, and automations.

The platform offers an ecosystem to build, deploy and manage AI applications with customizable deployment interfaces without requiring any coding skills. VectorShift uses the OpenAI LLM model for processing input files in JSON or CSV formats through its file loader component. The platform also features pre-built use cases in its marketplace section along with agents that execute complex tasks and search capabilities for optimal data retrieval methods. Additionally, it allows users to integrate natural language search databases such as Notion Airtable into large knowledge databases using Copilots.

Here are some things you can try out when you get started with VectorShift:

- Use VectorShift's pre-built templates for report generation or resume screening
- Connect your raw data from websites or documents directly into the application
- Customize your application's look-and-feel before exporting it as a chatbot or generating an API endpoint instantly.
- Leverage advanced features by browsing detailed guides available on their extensive documentation page.
- Contact sales if you need help building high ROI solutions within your organization

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