A next-generation Python notebook.


Marimo is an open-source reactive notebook for Python that is reproducible, git-friendly, executable as a script and shareable as an app. It offers interactive elements like GUIs and plots that make working with data feel fast, futuristic and intuitive. Marimo notebooks are designed for collaboration, deployable as scripts or apps and fit for modern pythonista. The outputs update automatically when you run one cell; Marimo reacts by automatically running affected cells to eliminate the error-prone chore of managing notebook state.

Actionable advice:

- Use Marimo notebooks to experiment with data models.
- Build internal tools using just Python without the hassle of custom frontends.
- Share research in a tangible way by engaging students through interactive educational apps.
- Make featureful dashboards that let users filter slice drill-down into their heart's content.
- Join the community on GitHub Discord Twitter to find out what others are building.

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