Monitor your LLMs in prod.


Athina is an AI monitoring and evaluation tool that helps companies detect and fix hallucinations, accuracy, quality-related errors in their language models (LLMs) outputs. It offers configurable use cases for any LLM use case and provides insights to help find the best performing model for every use case. Athina also enables users to segment data to analyze cost, accuracy, response times, model usage feedback in-depth debug LLM outputs by searching through inference calls or tracing queries. Additionally, it allows users to explore conversations with customers while observing evaluations from its self-hosted or cloud solution options.

- Use Athina's evaluators that work on analyzing your output better
- Monitor your usage by segmenting data
- Debug LLM outputs using search functions
- Explore customer conversations with conversational insights
- Choose between self-hosted or cloud solutions based on privacy control needs.

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