Analyze and grow your Instagram.

Description: is a productivity tool that uses advanced AI to analyze and provide insights on your Instagram profile, including business ideas, travel recommendations, bio suggestions, content ideas for posts and reels, potential brand partnerships and more. It also offers actionable advice on products or services you can offer your audience. The platform has two pricing options: beginner (free) which provides insights about yourself as an IG user such as skills list and job titles; creator ($14.99 USD one-time payment) which includes everything from the beginner package plus 5 content ideas aligned with interests, 5 product/service suggestions to sell to followers/customers etc., 5 trip/activity recommendations & 5 book recommendations.

  • Use's AI-powered analysis of your Instagram profile for valuable business insights
  • Generate new content post/reel ideas using the platform's curated recommendation feature
  • Consider offering products/services suggested by based on audience interests
  • Utilize the free "beginner" package for self-insights like skill lists or re-written bios
  • Upgrade to "creator" plan ($14.99 USD one-time payment) for tailored content/product/service/travel/book recommendations

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