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Friz is an AI-powered social media manager for direct-to-consumer brands that helps create contextualized social media calendars and ads. It combines the power of four different tools in one, including brand creation context brainstorming, editing content and ads, publishing calendar management, and analytics. Friz's AI brainstorming creates relevant ideas for Instagram and Facebook without stressing about unique prompts or toggling many tabs. Post generation automates post concepts tailored to your brand guidelines while scheduling plans your posting schedule so you can spend more time engaging with customers. Analytics provide all post analytics in one place to improve decision-making while ad campaigns can be easily planned, executed, monitored in one place for efficient effective advertising.

  • Use Friz as an AI-powered social media manager to help create contextualized social media calendars
  • Combine the power of four different tools into a single platform
  • Utilize Friz's AI brainstorming feature to generate relevant ideas without stress
  • Automate post concepts tailored specifically towards your brand guidelines
  • Schedule posts ahead of time using scheduling plans
  • Analyze data from all posts on a single dashboard
  • Plan ad campaigns efficiently by executing them within the same platform

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