Grow your business with compelling video messages.


Ubique is a video messaging platform that allows users to create personalized videos for sales outreach. The platform offers features such as AI voice and face cloning, dynamic backgrounds, advanced customization options, and sales coach assistance. Users can record a single video message which will be personalized for each recipient based on variables such as their first name or company they belong to. Ubique seamlessly integrates with popular sales tools and also allows users to import Excel or CSV files into the system.

Actionable advice/recommendations:
- Use Ubique's AI technology to create fully personalized videos starring you
- Choose from a wide array of backgrounds that align with your brand message
- Take advantage of the expert advice and guidance offered by Ubique's sales coaching assistance
- Record your video template using helpful scripts/advice provided by Ubique
- Edit various aspects of your contact's information for maximum personalization
- Seamlessly integrate data from popular sales tools or import Excel/CSV files into the system

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