A cutting-edge AI sales assistant.


Humanlinker is a cutting-edge AI sales assistant that helps revenue generation teams exceed their quotas through personalized prospecting and efficient meeting preparation. The platform offers an AI sequence builder, generative copywriting, personality analysis, and 360-degree prospect analysis to help users create hyper-personalized messages that increase the chances of getting positive replies and booking more meetings. Humanlinker also provides access to strategic data sources and business profiles while automating alerts checks so users can stay on top of updates without getting overwhelmed by the amount of information available. With unlimited AI copywriting & sequences, personalized interactions in seconds, CRM integration with popular tools like Lemlist, among others - HumanLinker has revolutionized how sales professionals approach prospects.

- Use humanlinker's free trial for life (no credit card required) to supercharge your pipeline & close more deals.
- Take advantage of hyper-personalization at scale with one-click sequence building from writing LinkedIn connection notes to follow-up emails or even LinkedIn braking messages.
- Personalize emails in seconds using humanlinkers' swift research capabilities which craft tailored emails ensuring prospects are always impressed.
- Access strategic data sources including social news interviews podcast appearances automatically filtered by human linkers' algorithms
- Automate alerts checks so you don't get overwhelmed by the amount of information available

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