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Fliz is an AI-powered video creation tool that can transform various types of content, including articles, e-commerce product listings, and online ads into high-quality videos. The platform offers three different video styles that can be generated in multiple formats to suit all needs. Fliz uses its artificial intelligence technology to analyze the input content and generate a one-minute summary capturing essential information and key points. It then creates professional voiceovers with subtitles as well as unique images for each video created.

The platform is easy to use; users only need to paste the URL of their page or listing into Fliz's system, which will do the rest by generating a compelling sales pitch in just a few seconds using AI technology. Once your videos are created on Fliz's platform, you can share them across all social media platforms such as TikTok or Instagram Reels.

  • Try out Fliz for free: You don't have anything to lose by giving it a try.
  • Utilize different formats: Choose from 9:16 (TikTok), square (Instagram), or 16:9 (YouTube) format options depending on where you'll be sharing your videos.
  • Use it for any type of content conversion: Whether you have an article/blog post/news piece/e-commerce product/advertisement - flizzing them up has never been easier!
  • Share widely once done!

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