Generate a codebase in minutes with just prompts.


Marblism is a platform for building and launching web applications in minutes without the need to write any code. Users can describe their application, choose from pre-built data structures and pages, and launch their app with production-ready codebase for front-end, back-end, database design system, login roles emails notifications AI send transactional emails. Marblism offers two fully-custom projects along with free beta access for the first 1k customers. The platform also provides community support through Discord.

- Join Marblism to build SaaS sales CRM in just 45 minutes on Thursday Jan 18th.
- Describe your app and get started by choosing from pre-built data structures.
- Choose pages & features needed such as feed notifications post details create post search results settings profile /feed /notifications /post/:id /post/create/search/settings/user/:id
- Launch your react node.js app in minutes with a production-ready codebase.
- Use Mailjet or add your provider free account up to 5k emails/month free beta access available for first thousand customers through Discord community support & updates

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