A no-code platform for complex AI workflows.

Description: is a no-code platform that enables businesses of all sizes to easily build complex AI workflows without any coding. The SaaS product seamlessly integrates with existing workflows, automating tedious and repetitive tasks while delivering consistent and accurate outputs through flexible use of contextual data. offers tailored AI solutions for everyday needs, such as medical record and document review, billing and insurance automation, speech-to-text tools for administrators in healthcare settings to customize patient plans based on specific details discussed during appointments. Its natural language workflow definition allows users to create detailed workflows through simple spoken commands while the prompt context management organizes necessary information for each step so users can adapt their workflows maintain data integrity achieve accurate outputs while performing different tasks.

- Consider using's no-code platform to streamline your business processes by integrating AI workflows.
- Take advantage of its tailored AI solutions for industries such as healthcare, education marketing legal.
- Choose the right subscription plan based on your business size: free plan (5 scripts/100 credits), individual plan ($20/month or $149/yearly/unlimited scripts/300 credits), business plan ($100/month or $999/yearly/unlimited scripts/2000 credits) or enterprise plan (customized).
- Use's pre-built agents like research reporting assistants that automate complex tasks like scouring the internet to find information you need.
- Leverage its advanced access external APIs which connects you with a robust knowledge base pulling information from different sources quickly fetches data from any documents insert content simple action/prompt.

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