GPT Auth

Authentication for your GPTs.


GPT Auth is a no-code solution that simplifies securing GPTs by providing effortless security through its core features such as user tracking, easy setup, and protection against unauthorized access. The platform offers a streamlined dashboard that provides comprehensive insights into user engagement with direct contact capabilities for those who have signed up for the GPT. It is minimally intrusive to end-users while maintaining top-tier security and accessibility to all skill levels of developers.

  • Use GPT Auth to seamlessly authenticate and track your users effortlessly.
  • Set up in minutes with an easy-to-use, straightforward process.
  • Instantly retrieve user email data for enhanced communication support.
  • Ensure robust security against unauthorized access without affecting the end-user experience of your GPT model.
  • Choose from popular or pro pricing plans based on your needs.

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GPT Auth
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