Never write a grocery list again.


Honeydo is an AI-powered grocery list app that allows users to create and share shopping lists using only their voice. The app can understand a wide range of accents and speech nuances, making it accessible for all users. Honeydo also offers a "pic to pick" feature that allows users to snap a picture of ingredients they need, which the app will then identify and add to their list. Shared lists can be accessed by up to five family members, ensuring everyone stays on the same page when it comes to groceries. Additionally, Honeydo saves voice memos so users can revisit them for clarity or reminders later on.

- Use your voice: Speak your grocery list instead of typing it out
- Share with family: Up to 5 family members can access shared lists
- "Pic-to-pick": Snap pictures of ingredients you need and let Honeydo do the rest
- Voice memos: Save original requests for future reference
- Edit in real-time: Make changes by speaking directly into the app

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