Your AI Chief of Staff.


Xembly is an AI chief of staff designed for enterprise-level compliance and security. It offers a comprehensive suite of skills to automate hundreds of interconnected tasks, from frictionless scheduling and calendar management to precise meeting notes, smart task management, actionable recommendations for improving meetings, and synchronizing workflow tools. With Xembly's all-in-one product that seamlessly handles the ins-and-outs of how teams work compared to using separate productivity apps has been a game-changer in terms of efficiency, accountability at ease because they're not dropping balls. Xena - Xembly’s AI assistant effortlessly handles everything from simple 1:1s to most complex scheduling requests conversationally over email or Slack with attendees' details so users don’t have to worry about managing links or email back-and-forth. Unlike generic meeting notes solutions that filter out non-critical information precisely captures action item details automatically tagged owners deadlines together video clips key moments freeing users focus on contributing high-quality discussions eliminating burden editing/creating notes after the meeting while xEmbly's attention-to-detail improves team alignment by saving time with precise note-taking ensuring everyone is on the same page when it comes down executing their tasks effectively.

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