Asking is faster than skimming.


Humata AI is a document summarization tool that uses advanced artificial intelligence to help individuals and teams quickly skim through long technical papers. With features such as unlimited files upload, citation highlights, and embedded webpage integration, Humata AI offers an efficient solution for professionals who need to read large volumes of documents quickly. It also provides enterprise-grade security measures for team collaboration on shared documents. The pricing model is simple and affordable with options ranging from free access up to 60 pages per month to a team plan with advanced features such as OCR image scanning and personalized responses.

  • Use Humata AI's PDF chatbot feature to summarize findings, compare documents or search for answers.
  • Take advantage of the unlimited file uploads without any limits on file size.
  • Embed the PDF chatbot in your website with just one click so customers can easily find answers locked away in your docs.
  • Enjoy enterprise-grade data room security measures including role-based access control and encryption at rest.
  • Choose from flexible pricing plans starting at $0/month upscaling according to business requirements.

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