Felo Translator

A handy translation assistant.


Felo Translator is a translation app that offers real-time voice recognition and advanced AI for fast, accurate translations. It also provides simultaneous interpretation, high-speed transcription, and multilingual translation with guaranteed high-speed and precision. The app allows instant voice-to-text conversion while providing a seamless natural translation experience with realistic presentation of emotions conveyed by text. Felo Translator supports 15 languages for wide-ranging choices in translations and provides added convenience through efficient local storage on the device for secure file access anytime anywhere.

- Download Felo Translator to have your handy assistant in translating languages.
- Use the simultaneous interpretation feature to communicate seamlessly across different languages.
- Take advantage of the multilingual translation capability that covers major language options.
- Utilize instant voice-to-text conversion or enjoy reading your translations seamlessly using its advanced AI technology.
- Join Felon Community to stay updated on latest news about their products such as Felo Meet or Felo Subtitle.

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Felo Translator
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