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Codebay is an interactive platform that offers engaging chat-style lessons and personalized guidance to help users learn Python coding at their own pace, anytime and anywhere. The platform features an AI tutor named Dino who provides instant feedback and motivation when needed. With every new piece of knowledge acquired, there's a custom-made coding exercise waiting for the user to apply it hands-on for in-depth understanding. Codebay also allows users to track their progress with a canvas that displays every lesson line of code painted in the colors of determination achievements, along with collecting flashcards as trophies for growing knowledge.

- Use Codebay's interactive lecture and AI tutor (Dino) for personalized guidance.
- Engage in bite-sized interactive lessons infused with fun scenarios.
- Apply hands-on practice after learning new concepts.
- Learn on-the-go using your computer or phone from any location at your own pace.
- Track your progress using the canvas feature which displays each lesson line of code painted based on achievement level
 Collect flashcards as you complete each lesson like earning trophies in a game
 Provide feedback through contact us or email support:

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