Journaling re-imagined.


Rosebud is an AI-powered journaling platform for mental health and personal growth. It offers a potent path to self-discovery by making it easy for anyone to build and maintain an impactful journaling practice. With over 18 million words journaled, Rosebud helps users dig deeper into their experiences and surface meaningful insights through auto-tagging, reflection, key insights extraction, and proven frameworks made interactive with AI technology. The platform has received support from mental health advocates worldwide.

Actionable recommendations:

  • Try Rosebud for free to experience its intelligent, caring, thought-provoking features.
  • Use the happiness recipe tool to summarize your entries and reflect on them.
  • Join the growing community of users who have transformed their lives with Rosebud's personal growth tools brought to life by AI.
  • Read reviews from satisfied customers who have found value in using the platform as part of their mental health journey.
  • Rest assured that your privacy is protected as only you can read your journal on Rosebud's encrypted system.

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